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This site contains graphic material of an explicit sexual nature including pictures of extreme female arousal & is specifically  intended for the erotic enjoyment &  pleasure of lesbian & bisexual  women. Inside you will find a guide to adult websites made by lesbians and lesbian-focused bisexual women & some erotic material produced by men which has a special appeal for many queer women. You will not find very much of  the usual bi-femme girl on girl action that is targeted at a predominately male audience. If you are a man or indeed a woman seeking this far more commonplace type of material you will find a link to a much better site for you a bit further down this page.

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4. If you are a man who has no intention of ever spending any money when you visit here - i.e you just want some free sample pictures of real lesbians for your personal pleasure & you have no intention of ever joining the pay sites they belong to.This site is for gay and bi women so if you insist on burning-up our bandwidth we think you should at least consider making a financial contribution to the upkeep of this site now & then. If you have a credit card & you're willing to use it however, you are of course most welcome to have a look inside. But as we said before please be respectful!



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This is a free site!  - but it does cost us money to make it available to you. It is not a some fly-by-night little website hosted on free webspace, every visitor to this site costs us a little bit of money in the form of bandwidth charges. So, please by all means enjoy the free pictures, but remember that they are free samples intended to promote premium Paysites. Please seriously consider joining when you find something you like. The prices charged for membership are very reasonable & gay/bi women generally run their adult  websites in a very responsible & customer focused manner. So expect them to treat you with the care, consideration & appreciation you deserve, unlike some other sectors of the "adult industry".  If by chance you should ever have a genuine complaint about any site you join  through us you can contact us & we will endevour to resolve the issue in your favour.

Also, we have taken great care to select trustworthy sponsors whose products  will appeal to sexually liberated gay/bi women. The ads & links for dating, natural beauty treatments, sexy clothing, sex toys & novelty gifts  etc. are there to provide this site with the revenue it needs to survive. So any custom you give us will be greatly appreciated!
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